Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BOCC Meetings will be on Tuesdays in 2011!

The BOCC started discussing the merits of moving regular meetings from Mondays to Tuesdays back in March 2010.  I attended a leadership seminar as part of the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.   I learned there are a lot of really good reasons to allow for at least a business day in between receiving an agenda and meeting materials and actually having the meeting. 

It turns out that a minority of Colorado counties hold meetings on Mondays.  Citizens can use that business day to call on Commissioners or staff to query an agenda item and decide if they want to attend the meeting.  Commissioners can request staff be ready with additional information.  The majority of County holidays are on Mondays, so regular business items, such as warrants, must wait another week or two to be approved, meaning that payments to contractors in some cases might have been processed a little bit faster.  When partners from the State, such as CDOT or CDPHE or DOLA are coming to a BOCC meeting, they won't have to travel on the weekends. 

So if regular Board of County Commissioner meetings are going to be on Tuesdays in 2011, what about the work sessions?  Wednesday afternoons will now be reserved for work sessions.  Moving to an afternoon work session schedule will allow staff to still proces public notices Wednesday mornings (that may result from actions taken during the Tuesday meetings) in time to make the Wednesday noon publication deadline with the County Newspaper of Record:  The Plaindealer.

Whereas, it is the consensus of the Board to meet on the first, second, and fourth Tuesdays of each month for calendar year 2011, except for the month of June when the Board will meet on the second and fourth Tuesday; and

Whereas, it is the consensus of the Board to reserve each Wednesday afternoon following a Board meeting for work sessions as needed to discuss county business; and 

Whereas, it is the consensus of the Board to meet on the first and second Tuesdays of each month at the Ouray County Courthouse located at 541 4th Street, Ouray, Colorado; and

Whereas, it is the consensus of the Board to meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Ouray County 4-H Event Center located at 22739 Highway 550, Ridgway, Colorado.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by the Board of County Commissioners of Ouray County, Colorado that Resolution 2010-047 is adopted setting forth the meeting schedule and work session schedule for calendar year 2011 as indicated in the paragraphs above.
Approved and adopted this    6th    day of December, 2010.  (Resolution 2010-047)