Statutory Requirements Of The BOCC

What are the responsibilities of the BOCC?

  1. The board SHALL (statutorily required) approve the establishment of precincts and polling places as established by the county clerk and recorder. C.R.S. 1.5.101

  2. The board SHALL (statutorily required) serve as the county local liquor licensing authority. C.R.S. 12-47-103.(17)

  3. The board SHALL (statutorily required) provide and maintain courtroom(s) and other court facilities. C.R.S. 13-3-108 (1)

  4. The board SHALL (statutorily required) examine the county jail and its operation at a minimum of once annually. C.R.S. 17-26-126

  5. The board SHALL (statutorily required) approve expenses and fund a majority of the office of the district attorney either totally or proportionally, depending if the county is a member of a multicounty district or the county is its own district. C.R.S. 20-1-302

  6. The board SHALL (statutorily required) designate annually, at the first meeting, the public place(s) where the posted notice(s) and agenda of the public meetings or hearings will be located. C.R.S. 24-6-402. (2)(c)

  7. The board SHALL (statutorily required) post any meeting at which action is taking place or proposed to take place or a quorum of the board is present, a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the meeting. C.R.S. 24-6-402. (2)(c)

  8. The board SHALL (statutorily required) designate the official newspaper of the county. C.R.S. 24-70-108 (2)

  9. The board SHALL (statutorily required), by resolution, establish and maintain a county or district public health agency. C.R.S. 25-1-506 (1)

  10.  The county SHALL (statutorily required) establish a county department of social services to provide public assistance and welfare activity. C.R.S. 26-1-115(1)

  11. The board SHALL (statutorily required) sit as the board of social services. C.R.S. 26-1-116 (1) (a) 

  12. The board SHALL (statutorily required) establish the office of veterans services and provide a  veterans services officer. C.R.S. 28-5-801(1)

  13. The board SHALL (statutorily required) designate or appoint by resolution, a person to prepare  the budget for the upcoming year. C.R.S. 29-1-104

  14. At the time the board receives the preliminary budget, prior to October 15th of each year, the board SHALL (statutorily required) cause to have published a date and time at which the board will consider adopting such budget, supply information on where the public may view the preliminary budget and a statement notifying electors that they may file an objection to the budget. C.R.S. 29-1-106

  15. The board SHALL (statutorily required), by resolution, adopt the budget and make appropriations for the upcoming budget year prior to certifying a county mill levy. C.R.S. 29-1-108 (2)

  16. The board SHALL (statutorily required) cause an annual inventory to take place of county property, both real and personal. C.R.S. 29-1-506.

  17. The board SHALL (statutorily required) cause to be made an annual audit of the financial statements of the county each fiscal year. C.R.S. 29-1-603

  18. The board SHALL (statutorily required), not less than once annually, establish a rate for “Emergency Telephone Service”. C.R.S. 29-11-103 (3) (a)

  19. The board SHALL (statutorily required) approve the appointment and compensation of the deputies, assistants and employees of the county clerk and recorder, county treasurer, county assessor, county coroner, and surveyor. C.R.S. 30-2-104 (1) (a)

  20. The board SHALL (statutorily required) approve the compensation of the undersheriff and the deputy sheriffs appointed by the sheriff. C.R.S. 30-2-106 (1)

  21. The board SHALL (statutorily required) designate, by resolution, the county’s office hours by days and hours, including an annual holiday schedule for all county offices. C.R.S. 30-10-109

  22. The board SHALL (statutorily required) conduct meetings at the county seat at least one business day each month. In counties with a population over 100,000, the board SHALL (statutorily required) hold at least two meetings in each week of the year except for July and August. C.R.S. 30-10-303 (1) & C.R.S. 30-11-304

  23. The board SHALL (statutorily required) divide the county into three compact commissioners’  districts. C.R.S. 30-10-306 (1)

  24. The board SHALL (statutorily required) choose one of the members as chairman at the first meeting after an election. The board may also designate a vice-chairman at this time. C.R.S. 30-10-307

  25. The board SHALL (statutorily required) approve and designate, by resolution, financial institutions that the county is to use as depositories of funds. C.R.S. 30-10-708 (1)

  26. The board SHALL (statutorily required) create, by resolution duly adopted, the office of county manager, or administrative assistant to the BOCC, or county budget officer, or any other such  office. C.R.S. 30-11-107 (1) (n)

  27. The board SHALL (statutorily required) annually, cause to be advertised in the official newspaper for bids on stationery and supplies for the county offices. C.R.S. 30-11-109 (1)

  28. The board SHALL (statutorily required) annually, furnish the assessor suitable blank assessment rolls and suitable books, stationery and office equipment for the use of each of the county officers. C.R.S. 30-11-113

  29. The board is responsible (statutorily responsible) for the maintenance of the general accounting records of the county. C.R.S. 30-11-121

  30. The board SHALL (statutorily required) cause to be erected and maintained a minimum of twenty signboards with signs of campfire restriction notices. C.R.S. 30-15-201

  31. The board SHALL (statutorily required), no later than January 1, 2011, determine whether there are fire hazards within the county; and if it is determined that there are, the county SHALL (statutorily required) prepare a community wildfire protection plan. C.R.S. 30-15-401.7 (3) (b)

  32. The county SHALL (statutorily required) provide for the burial of any person who dies within the county and does not leave sufficient funds for such burial. C.R.S. 30-17-104

  33. If the board determines to undertake a temporary general assistance program, it SHALL (statutorily required) establish a temporary general assistance account for such purpose. C.R.S. 30-17-105

  34. The board SHALL (statutorily required) establish a fund known as the county general fund. C.R.S. 30-25-105

  35. The board SHALL (statutorily required) carefully examine the county orders returned by the treasurer with the record of orders at a minimum of twice each year, in January and July. C.R.S. 30-25-108

  36. The board SHALL (statutorily required) audit and allow, or disallow, all claims or demands against the county. C.R.S. 30-25-110 (1)

  37. The board SHALL (statutorily required) publish a report of each claim not less than monthly, and within 30 days following the end of the period for which the claim is made. The board SHALL (statutorily required) also publish a semiannual financial statement furnished by the treasurer within 60 days following June 30 and December 31. C.R.S. 30-25-111 (1) & C.R.S. 30-25-111 (2)   

  38. The board SHALL (statutorily required) publish a report in August and February showing salary information for all county employees and officials C.R.S. 30-25-111 (1.5)  

  39. The board SHALL (statutorily required) create a county planning commission or serve as the county planning commission in counties of less than 15,000 in population. C.R.S. 30-28-103 & 30-28-133 (1)

  40. The board SHALL (statutorily required) adopt and enforce subdivision regulations. C.R.S. 30-28-133 (1)

  41. The board SHALL (statutorily required) adopt and maintain a noxious weed management plan. C.R.S. 35-5.5-105

  42. The board SHALL (statutorily required) certify the levies of all taxable property within and including the county, no later than December 22 of each year. C.R.S. 39-1-111 (1)

  43. The board SHALL (statutorily required) comprise the board of equalization of the county. C.R.S. 39-8-101

  44. The board SHALL (statutorily required) select the county primary system of roads. C.R.S. 43-2-109

  45. The board SHALL (statutorily required) cause a map to be prepared showing each road in the county’s primary and secondary road system. C.R.S. 43-2-110 (1) (a)    

  46. The board SHALL (statutorily required) appoint a road supervisor(s) for all roads constituting the county road system. C.R.S. 43-2-111 (1)

  47. The board SHALL (statutorily required) approve or disapprove the presented recommendations for the road and bridge work, after receiving the monthly report of the road supervisor(s)’ estimated repairs and construction costs presentation. C.R.S. 43-2-111 (5)

  48. The board SHALL (statutorily required) annually prepare a tentative road budget. C.R.S. 43-2-119

  49. The board SHALL (statutorily required) cause to be made and filed with the highway operations and maintenance division, a complete annual report of the expenditures of all moneys applied to the county road system. C.R.S. 43-2-120 (1)

  50. The board SHALL (statutorily required) submit, to the highway commission annually priorities for the construction of state highways within the county’s jurisdiction. 43-2-137. Counties submit priorities – instructions.   

  51. The board SHALL (statutorily required) annually adopt a county road and bridge budget. C.R.S. 43-2-203 (1)