Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankyou! We succeeded together!

Thank you to my supporters & contributors. We did it! The election night tally was 1,655 to 1,512! Wow, I am blown away by the turn out for our celebration party on Nov. 9 before the movie High Ground. (If you missed the movie, it is about wounded veterans trying to heal from PTSD and other injuries, there is a copy at the Ridgway Library.)

How much coffee does it take to win an election?
Thanks Cutler for demonstrating!

Thank you all!

I wish to say thank you to all of the Ouray County voters who voted in the 2012 election. To my supporters, thank you. I am truly honored to have been selected to serve Ouray County for a second term as county commissioner. To everyone, I want nothing more than to find ways to work together, because we all love Ouray County and we all want the best for our communities, land, water and livelihoods.

A strong democracy cannot exist without having informed and engaged citizens. Democracy also cannot exist without having multiple candidates come forward to provide open dialogue on policies and issues to give voters choices. I wish to thank my opponent Jack Flowers for being willing to step forward as a candidate. He is a good man and neighbor. Our race was tough, and I appreciate that we were able to have positive campaigns centered on the issues. I sincerely hope Jack continues to be interested and will be active in county government.

No candidate runs without a lot of support, help and sacrifice from family members and volunteers. I want to thank my husband Jeff and our kids for handling the extra stress and challenges of this campaign year with unending grace and understanding. Many thanks also go to the volunteers who opened their homes and businesses and contributed with their hands, minds, and hearts.

Last, I wish to thank the Plaindealer and Watch newspaper owners and staff for providing thorough coverage of our local government affairs and of this election. Having a good, local, fair, free press is an amenity that I think we sometimes take for granted. To have reporters posting returns, taking statements, and writing articles at the midnight hour shows their dedication to our communities and county.

I encourage anyone with a county-matter on their mind to email me, call me, or stop by my office at 380 W. Sherman in the Lupita's building.

Sincerely, Lynn Padgett
970-258-0836 |

Plaindealer Election night statement
The Watch Interview

I am recycling plastic campaign yard signs for a woodshop insulation project and for making holiday gift boxes (and anything else we think of).  Please drop my yard signs off at my office or call me and I will pick them up.  The wire frames can be recycled at Recla Metals, so please return those too.