Wednesday, August 1, 2012

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS & COUNTY FIRE RESTRICTIONS -- changes & updates effective 8/1/2012

Ouray County Fire Ban & Restrictions --

Due to additional significant recent rain and an increase in moisture within potential fuels, as well as Ouray County's desire to not burden residents and visitors with fire restrictions that are not absolutely necessary, all fire restrictions have been rescinded due to a decrease in fire hazard. This action was made at the recommendation of the Ouray County Sheriff and is in sync with the actions of federal land management agencies and other nearby counties. The Board of County Commissioners had a special session on August 1st and unanimously passed Resolution 2012-022: "Fire Restrictions Removal".

Certain NON-agricultural controlled burns are still regulated by Ordinance 2012-01: "Open Burning Notification For Slash". In 2012, a new Colorado state law and unfunded mandate required Ouray County to enact a slash burn notification system, but agricultural burns are specifically exempted.

Please also sign-up and check out:
Ouray County Target Notification Service (TNS) -- for all residents & property owners

Ouray County Wireless Emergency Notification Service (WENS) -- all residents & visitors

Ouray County web site

Log Hill Fire Department web site

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